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Want to Reduce Stress? Stop Thinking and Start Breathing!

I am sharing a post from Boomerly. I always like helpful easy suggestions for making my life less stressful. We all are already breathing and so it is easy to take up a practice of focusing on your breath during the day. It does help break the stress response because when you concentrate on just taking some deep breaths you can not think about whatever it is that is worrying you, at least for a few minutes. I have realized that often I am not taking relaxed breaths, but going through the day taking shallow breaths or sometimes holding my breath.  I doubt that I am alone in this.

If you would like to check out some breathing exercises click on the link to the Boomerly post. Want to Reduce Stress? Stop Thinking and Start Breathing!.

9323940149_983f439be9_z  Lotus Flower by Daisuke tashiro on Flickr

Remember to take a breath  ❤