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Masks Off Channeling My Innermost Self

7277313236_439d933437_o  Anny Ahlers

A Costume that would channel my true innermost self…. I am not sure I know everything about my true innermost self. I like to think I know parts but I think I am still learning. I will tell you about the positive aspects or ones that I aspire to. The different characters are: the Idealist, the Dreamer, the Comic, the Romantic, the Observer, the Imaginer and the Adventurer ( usually armchair variety or in my mind 🙂 )

A costume would be like one of Gertrude Bell.


I have always liked strong women characters as portrayed by the likes of Katherine Hepburn or Angelina Jolie. I aspire to be courageous.


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Addendum: I love this post on Senior Planet about costumes. Very funny!