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Winter is a Time for Reflection

I have been thinking about this recently. That I am going to take a break from my blog. My temperament is such that I normally do not like to talk a lot and make small talk. Blogging feels like making a lot of small talk to me. And I have picked up on a mean tone to it. I wrote about it in by blog about the grammar police.

I read something about Winter. That it is a time to slow down, go inward and reflect. I am ready to do that.

Blogging has been an experiment for me to see if I like writing and have any ability. I do think I have some ability. Right now I do not like having it dominate my life. I find that I do not like doing it to this extent. So frequently and so much.

I may drop in and read others blogs, comment and post again myself. Not sure just now.

Glad to meet some other friendly bloggers and appreciate the kind comments some of you have made about my posts. I appreciate the support of my friends and family as well.