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Binging On Longmire

escapism- the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or in an imaginative situation, activity, etc.  (Dictionary.com)

Dealing with stress and seeking some escapism has involved a lot of binge watching of Netflix. I started out with one of my standbys, Star Trek. I binge watched Janet King,an Australian show about a woman lawyer. Lately, I have been hooked on Longmire. I am a sucker for good Westerns. And this combines a Western kind of setting with a murder mystery and police, (sheriff), procedural. I have noticed these Netflix series episodes have a soap opera-y feel where the characters continue to get into all kinds of sticky situations and then you are left hanging at the end of each episode and have to wait for the resolution until the next or several more episodes. So you get drawn in and want to keep watching to find out what happens. Kind of like staying up all night reading a page turner. The next season of Bosch is starting soon, (on Amazon).

Featured image of ‘Cowboy’ by skeeze on Pixabay.com