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The Difference of ADD Part II

“ADDers do not fit into the standard school system, which is built on repeating what someone else thinks is important and relevant. “–Dr. William Dodson

I wanted to continue my discussion of Dr. Dodson’s article because he brings up some very interesting points I did not address in the first post. He says non-ADHD, or neurotypical, is not “normal” or better. There is a difference in the way their nervous systems operate.

He also says that the cognitive and behavior therapies used to manage ADHD do not have a lasting effect because these therapies are designed for a neurotypical system. What motivates a neurotypical person does not work well to motivate a person with ADHD. The person with ADHD needs to create their own system or “owner’s manual.” I think many adults with ADD have learned to do this more or less by trial and error. If they are able to function well in the neurotypical world, they have found their own ways to do so.

Dr. Dodson lists some suggestions of how people can create their own successful strategies by tuning into what is working for them now and to apply these techniques to other areas of their lives.

Another statement that really stood out for me is, ” the first thing for coaches, doctors, and professionals is to stop trying to turn ADHD people into neurotypical people. The goal should be to intervene as early as possible, before the ADHD individual has been frustrated and demoralized by struggling in a neurotypical world, where the deck is stacked against him.”