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Anger about Substandard Jobs in America

“The reality that tens of millions of American workers — black and white — are stuck in substandard jobs has finally broken through into mainstream political and economic discourse. The fact was obvious if you just went out and spoke to ordinary Americans, but it wasn’t showing up in the usual economic data….Virtually all of the net jobs created in the past decade are “non-standard” — temp, part-time, contract work, or something other than a traditional job with a normal paycheck.“-Robert Kuttner , co-founder American Prospect

This is from an article on the Huff Post , “Race, Class, Jobs and the 2016 Earthquake.” Some of the powers that be have figured out what is going on with our job situation in the US and it is not good.

Featured image of Colonel Saito from the film “Bridge on the River Kwai” via noslelnad7 on Flickr.