The Old Blue Truck

It’s bad enough she painted these eyes on my head lamps. Now what is she trying to do, a root canal? I never thought retirement would be like this. Plunked down behind an old garage with assorted shrubbery growing up through my frame. I know I shouldn’t feel too sorry for myself. At least I still have some color, four tires, fenders and a running board. If only I could tell her about all the work I did in my younger years. I was a hard working truck and hauled many a heavy load for my last owner, the farmer, Mr. Thomas. I brought his wife and baby son home from the hospital. I took his son to the bus when he enlisted in the Army. He never came back from that war. I even carried Mr. Thomas to his final resting place over at the town cemetery. I guess this is better than being buried and forgotten. Maybe I can still be useful after all.

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33 thoughts on “The Old Blue Truck

  1. Priceless Joy

    LOL! I hadn’t noticed those eyes. 😀 😀 Wonderful story! It never occurred to me to consider what a car/truck has done in its lifetime! This afternoon, I will be trying to think what all my dear old car has done for me. 😀 😀 Haha! Love it!

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  2. milliethom

    I loved this look into the old truck’s thoughts. He / it’s certainly had a colourful past. Lovely detail about all the useful things he’s done – and the quip about the root canal was hilarious. 🙂




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