The Electric Blue Glow in the Dark Universal Remote Device

PHOTO PROMPT - © Marie Gail Stratford

I saw it on a table at the Sunday Swap Meet. The wizened old woman answered the question in my mind, ” It’s a universal remote device. Eliminates the need for your TV remote controls, garage door opener and computer mouse. And the bright, glow in the dark colors and pattern ensure that you will never lose it.” She answered my next thought,  “All that for the special low price of $5.95 and a money back guarantee.”

The insect like creatures overlooked the latest arrivals to their work camp. Pretty good return on our investment of 5 krons each for those remote transporters.

My contribution to: The Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT thanks to– © Marie Gail Stratford

34 thoughts on “The Electric Blue Glow in the Dark Universal Remote Device

  1. Joy Pixley

    Very creative idea! And yeah, anyone who thinks they can get that kind of all-purpose super-cool device for only $5.95 is either going to end up with a piece of junk or, possibly, in an alien work camp. It’s a risk. 😉

    After reading a bunch of the stories based on this photo, I really am starting to think the mouse looks sinister!

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