Yoga is for Every Body

I spotted an uplifting post on the front page of the Huffington Post that was written by a Yogi, V.K. Harber, who has her own studio in Tacoma, Washington. She brought up so many good points about how we all have these unrealistic ideas about the ideal body. And we all do not have to have the perfect body to benefit from yoga. She says it is just the opposite. That most of us do not have the perfect body and that is ok.

I relate to what she is saying. I have been looking for a yoga class that is not “aerobic yoga”, which is my label for competitive, highly challenging and painful. Part of me wants to say, ” no pain, no gain” and tell myself go ahead and aim for that perfect body image. Whip myself into a thin, muscular me. But I think that it just not realistic and I do need to accept that I am not going to look like the popular, health magazine image. (I love the photos, shared by Ms. Harber, of everyday folks doing yoga.)

But that should not stop me from doing some gentle, restorative yoga. I used to do a pretty mean warrior pose.

yoga-32126_640  via Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Yoga is for Every Body

    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Thank You. It is a nice exercise and practice. I drifted away from it and now realize I have to find a type of yoga that is geared to my older body. So there is gentle and restorative and even chair yoga. I need to investigate. 🙂

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