If the Weather is Nice You Should See What is Going On Outside

“What people call serendipity sometimes is just having your eyes open.”

–Jose Manuel Barroso

I realize I have been spending way too much time indoors and sitting at my computer over the past few months. I do venture out to walk to the car and drive places but I haven’t been walking around outside. I think I have been avoiding my front yard because it embarrasses me. It is currently a big weed patch. We need to get the landscaping done.

Today I did venture out to the car to load up some supplies I use for tutoring. I was busy deciding where to put my new rolling carry all when I noticed a teenager making his way across my front yard near my front walkway. At first I thought he was about to leave one of those random advertisements on my door. Like the ones for yard work. I was a bit suspicious of his intentions I must say. He saw me looking at him quizzically and said, ” Is this your property?” I said yes and then he told me not to worry because he was participating in a “water gun tournament” and that he was trying to hide and surprise one of his fellow tournamenters. I watched as he finished crossing my yard and told him it was ok as long as he didn’t squirt me. He laughed at that.

I thought this was the end of my interaction with the local teenagers when I spied another one squatting down, with a water gun, between my neighbor’s house and mine. This was getting to be really fun. I said to him that I had no idea this was going on around here. He said they had to catch other kids coming from their houses to their cars. I asked if they did windows. He said, ” Do you mean they need to be washed?” I said yes and that got a little laugh from him as well.

It was a happy encounter and I realized I need to get outside in the front of my house more often.  Just look at all the interesting things I am missing out on.

5469567063_99171e4060_z  Seredipity by Frank Kovalcheck on Flickr

11 thoughts on “If the Weather is Nice You Should See What is Going On Outside

  1. LifestyleswithLia

    Sounds like indeed a lot of fun:)) I remember as kids using water pistols in the summertime … It’s kind of like a water fight meets paintball in your backyard !
    I’m glad you got to enjoy it:)

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  2. annanolan2014

    What a pleasant encounter! By the way, you have kindly subscribed also to my “dead” website (i.e. famingenglish.com – without the hyphen); I was conned into buying two domain names when I wanted only one and, consequently, have never used flamingenglish.com. Luckily, the subscription expires in a month’s time, so, from April, I will have only my “regular” domain name. Thanks anyway, Deborah. 🙂

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Oh well at least I have you in two places. The flamingenglish.com is the one showing up on my stats when you comment. Phooey. I hope that does not mean I will lose the connection. Which one is the regular domain?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. annanolan2014

        The regular one, which I’m keeping, is flaming-english.com (with the hyphen); that’s where I publish all my posts. I was astounded to find that the other one had 19 (I think) followers! Anyway, I’ve already indicated that I would NOT be extending my subscription for that website, so I will just have to be patient for about a month, and then it will simply disappear – cannot wait. All the best, Deborah.

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