I know this is true but I had forgotten. When you are wrestling with an issue information will start popping up about it all around you.

Today I opened my email from Idealist Careers and here was a post about something I had been thinking and writing about myself. The post was called Embrace JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out by Allison Jones. In it she linked to another blogger Anil Dash who had written on this topic as well. JOMO is a response to FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.

I get a little crazy with all the acronyms. Believe me, it is not that I have never seen an acronym before because in my work life in Nursing and Teaching there are plenty of them. It just seems like, with all the frenzied communication, we are all talking in acronyms. When I first saw FLOTUS it reminded me of flatus and I thought of gas. POTUS, a potted plant. Well maybe these acronyms are a lot of hot air after all. But I digress.

The gist of the blogs about JOMO and mine is that we can be selective about all the social activities and interactions that are asking for our participation these days. We need to be in touch with ourselves and what our needs and priorities are. There is great JOY in taking time for our private lives and quiet pastimes alone or with our friends and families.

This post relates to our assignment to make connections with other bloggers. As I was making more connections, I connected with kspoints  Adventure Pengembara and she commented on my post Blogger Burnout saying that she had to schedule an hour once a week for connecting with bloggers so she has time for the rest of her life.

Other bloggers commented on my post with similar sentiments. The need to find a balance and find  the JOMO.

14598406762_4376511853_z  Peaceful

12 thoughts on “Disconnections

  1. Laura L.

    I’m studying medical coding. Before that I was the voice you’d talk to (yell at) for the AHA. Medicine, government, and insurance. I have nightmares about TLAs. (Three Letter Acronyms)

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  2. Sandi

    I love the last image (the rippling pool of water)! Not infrequently, I have to ask my younger daughter what her texting abbreviations stand for: TBH, IMO, BTW. . . Those aren’t acronyms, and they do make texting faster. The one that really puzzled us at first was *$.

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      1. Sandi

        Starbucks. Her dad was very puzzled when she first used *$ in a text. Honestly, it is faster for me to type out the word. (I’ve never been great with those little characters above the numbers on a keypad.)

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  3. carolahand

    Acronyms – insider language does get in the way of communication in important ways – but as you point out, Deborah, it’s sometimes quite funny (POTUS, FLOTUS). I remember working as a home health aide and being warned that the 95-year-old woman I was caring for hit other staff. I actually found her delightful, but than, I treated her like a human being. So when I read her chart and saw that she was often referred to as “SOB,” I was appalled. I later learned it meant “short of breath.” 🙂

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  4. Sandi

    Your post about TLA has stayed in my head, Deborah. What worries me is that I find myself thinking in acronyms at times—or even (I confess that it has happened) thinking in hashtags. #Ihaveteenagers

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  6. PsiFiGal

    I’ve just been poking around your blog, thought I’d stop on this post to put in my 2 cents (eek! there isn’t a “cent” key on my keyboard!) I really do need to pace myself, I tend to spend a couple days powering through my reader, commenting and probably making people wonder what drugs I’m on (the good ones ha!). I don’t want to miss anything, I love all of the blogs that I follow and don’t want to miss a thing, but I have learned that I just can’t do it, no one can, it is not humanly possible (but sometimes I will try!). I took a hiatus from WordPress a little while ago, thinking it would help, but it didn’t. So, long story short, hi, I’m Mary and I’m bipolar and I do get manic and if you notice that I am writing long comments that don’t really make a lot of sense (like this one I’m sure) it just means that I have to follow the advice given on this post and embrace the JOMO. Thank you Deborah 🙂


    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Hi Mary. Thank you so much for your nice comment. I am still struggling with this issue for sure of not spending my life on my blog and reading and commenting and all the rest. It has gotten a little better. With the November blogging challenge it has gotten worse again. So I am hoping after this month I can look at this issue again, of balance. Yes I could not spend all my time hooked up to the internet either. JOMO is good. Your comment makes perfect sense. Thanks for reading my post. Nice to meet you. 🙂




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