Women and the Trolls

As one who lived during  the beginning of the women’s liberation movement and civil rights movement, I have been complacent in thinking,  ” well that’s done.” Thinking that these changes were made permanent and all is right in the world.

Like with our American Bill of Rights, I now realize we must be ready to fight these battles over and over.

I have thought younger women who minimize the contributions of the feminist movement have been naïve and ignorant in their comprehension of what actually happened back then. That much of the freedom and opportunities that women enjoy today can be attributed to that time. As women’s right to vote can be credited to the efforts of the suffragettes.

We need to be aware of and appreciate our own history.

In recent years, I have become more and more aware that the enemies of women’s freedom were not truly vanquished but retreated for a time to their dens or in some places never retreated at all.

Smoke has been seen rising from Mount Doom. The forces of evil are awake in the world.

When I read their poisonous rantings and comments degrading women for daring to speak out and have an opinion or hear about the horrid oppression of women and girls in other places in the world I am sickened.

I realize that I can not be complacent. The creature is still out there lurking and leaving a slimy trail.

"Trolls" Photo by Tristan Schmurr

“Trolls” Photo by Tristan Schmurr

I was inspired to write this post in response to an article in the New Yorker about Mary Beard, entitled “The Troll Slayer.” And because I have become aware more and more of all the misogyny and ageism in the world.

7 thoughts on “Women and the Trolls

  1. Laura L.

    Glad you gently pointed me in the direction of this post. I couldn’t agree more. At 56 and unemployed I can (and probably will) write reams about ageism and misogyny. I’ve bookmarked the New Yorker article you linked to for dawdling over later, with wine. My personal troll was a woman (supposedly) and of a different ilk than the stoopid people in the Facebook, etc. comments that always seem to ooze out of the muck.

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  2. betternotbroken

    I admire your passion for the subject matter, without the work of the feminists before me I would not have been able to divorce, use the term Ms. to reclaim my identity, work to support my family as the breadwinner and a long list of other necessities. Given my past, I am not shocked by the behavior of the individuals you label trolls, sad but true the Internet and social media offers them a means of distributing their hate effortlessly.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Thank you. I appreciate your comment. I am not used to the degree of viciousness of these trolls. We can not let them silence us and we do need to denounce them and expose them for the cowards they are.


      1. betternotbroken

        I am happy you are not used to the viciousness. It reflects a pattern of disordered behavior that took me years to get over, process and come out on the other side of stronger yet a little more tired. They will not silence us. Have faith. Fight the noble fight and do not let the trolls get you down.

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