The Courage to Write Creative Process

It takes courage to create something and put it out in the world, opening ourselves to the judgment of others.
An artist in any medium should be proud of themselves for doing it.
The act of posting your writing on a blog is courageous.
It doesn’t matter if it is deemed good or bad in the world’s eyes. If it is a sincere effort, it is courageous.
We can admire the writing of others and get inspiration for a topic by reading other posts.
But don’t fall into the self-defeating trap of comparing yourself to someone else and finding yourself lacking.
I am not being judgmental by saying this because I have been guilty of this very thing.
The act of writing is to create something of your own.
It comes from the one and only unique you.
Do you really want to be a copy of someone else?
We write because this is our form of creative expression.
Writing is what we were meant to do.
We know this is true because it makes us so happy to do it.
There is a place in the world for all kinds of writers.
And there is a place in the world for my writing and all of yours.


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