Guilty Pleasure

When I am really into one of my blog topics, I can spend the whole day sitting in front of my computer. I am there happily researching articles and other sources I find on the internet that pertain to my topic. Jotting down a few notes, links, and then looking for images on Creative Commons that will be the visual components.

I have had some guilty feelings over my lack of exercise. My treadmill sits abandoned behind me as I write and looks at me reproachfully. I have even thought about how my sitting like this is not the best for my back. Well today I was absolved of my guilt by a very funny post I saw on Hyperallergic by Hallie Bateman entitled:

The Art of Posture.”

Thank You Hallie for relieving my guilt and giving me a good laugh.

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. Audrey Meltzer

    Terrific shot of you: One of your lovable and expressive expressions. The “Art of Posture” should relieve you of all guilt feelings, including not doing yoga. Any of those illustrated positions would beat the traditional ones.

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