You Takes It Or Leaves It

What did the caterpillar say to the butterfly?  “I’m turning over a new leaf.”

I would like to leave off a few things around here, like household chores. It would be nice to give up dish washing ,cleaning bathrooms, laundry and folding clothes. I do have a dishwasher (machine) but I wash off the dishes before loading them in, and it seems like there are always more dirty dishes piling up in the sink. I did do a new chore this past week, sweeping up some dead leaves in my yard and trimming the leaves and branches off some of the bushes. It was more satisfying that the household chores I mentioned, being outside on a not too hot sunny day with a cool breeze blowing. Wish it would stay like this all summer.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS,  is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word is ‘leaves.’ Use it as a noun or a verb.

Featured image of ‘Monarch caterpillar eating ‘ by Bradly Potter of the US Fish and Wildlife Service Midwest Region on



9 thoughts on “You Takes It Or Leaves It

  1. Bette A. Stevens

    Happy summer weekend, Deborah! ❤ Love your post and monarch caterpillar photo. Our milkweed is about a foot tall and forming blossom buds–Yay! Have only spotted two monarch butterflies this month, but hoping for many more. xo

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  2. JoAnna

    I much prefer working outside if the weather is good, but there will always be plenty of chores to do inside and out. I think I’ve accepted that it will never be all done. Enjoy your patch of nature!

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